About Esther!

Esther Ng is a current candidate for Master of Science in Biomedical Visualization at UIC, one of the four accredited Medical Illustration program in North America. Originally from Hong Kong, she moved to the United States after high school and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry with Honors at University of Illinois at Chicago.

She is currently working with the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine on her Master’s research to visualize the ovariohysterectomy procedure for companion animals. Esther specializes in 3D modeling, illustrations, and interactive applications for veterinary medicine and natural science. Her work utilizes her experience in research and animal health care to elucidate complicated ideas into clear, beautiful and yet accurate visuals for educational purposes.

When she is not working, Esther enjoys reading, hunting for good food, gaming, and sketching in museums.



Researching and finding the ideal educational material can be difficult. Finding artists that can accurately portray your idea as well as the science behind can be even tougher. During Esther's research collaboration with University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine,  methods that elevate the effectiveness of the teaching material, to enhance the memory retention and promote interest, have been researched.

With her experience studying and working in veterinary school, animal hospitals, and science laboratory, she has the background to customize and develop successful and yet accurate educational tools for you to easily communicate with your client and students.